Frequent question: What is the best definition for feminist quizlet?

What is the definition of a feminist quizlet?

Feminism. A female movement for gender equality; searching the same political, social and economic rights as men. Gender.

What definition best defines sexism?

Which definition best defines sexism? An attitude, action, or institutional structure that limits a person on the basis of sex.

Which of the following is a good definition of feminist praxis quizlet?

What is feminist praxis? Applying one’s knowledge to challenge oppressive systems and unequal traditions.

How did the Civil War and its aftermath impact the women’s demands for gender equality?

How did the Civil War and its aftermath impact the women’s demands for gender equality? Women were granted the right to vote in Western states. … Women were fired to make a place for the men returning from war.

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What is the basic idea behind feminism?

At its core, feminism is the belief in full social, economic, and political equality for women. Feminism largely arose in response to Western traditions that restricted the rights of women, but feminist thought has global manifestations and variations.

Which of the following best defines homophobia?

The homophobia definition is the fear, hatred, discomfort with, or mistrust of people who are lesbian, gay, or bisexual.

Which of the following is the best definition of sexism quizlet?

It refers to prejudice or discrimination based on a person’s sex.

Which definition best describes institutional sexism quizlet?

Which definition best describes institutional sexism? The consequences of laws, customs, and practices that discriminate against people because of their sex.

Which is provided to explain the meaning of sexist in the text?

1 : prejudice or discrimination based on sex especially : discrimination against women.

What is feminist praxis and why does it matter?

feminist praxis praxis done from a belief system involving ideas of mutual nurturance, nonviolence, and small groups working for change, with attention to emotions, communal life, reciprocity, and the development of persons over time. See also feminist theory.

What is the importance of studying the feminist theory?

Feminist theory helps us better understand and address unequal and oppressive gender relations.

Which form of feminism is focused on women’s reproductive abilities and household labor quizlet?

2. Marxist feminism – focused on women being exploited by men for their labor such as reproductive rights, housework.

How did women’s roles change after the Civil War?

Many women were forced to perform manual labor following the Civil War. One reason is that many women lost their husbands during the war and had to take on the responsibility of earning income themselves. … Life for women following the Civil War provided many opportunities that were not available to them beforehand.

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How did the Civil War affect women’s rights movement?

During the Civil War, reformers focused on the war effort rather than organizing women’s rights meetings. Many woman’s rights activists supported the abolition of slavery, so they rallied to ensure that the war would end this inhumane practice. Some women’s rights activists, like Clara Barton, served as nurses.