What did Elaine Showalter contribute to the evolution of feminism?

How does Elaine Showalter propound feminism in literature in the Essay Toward a feminist poetic?

Elaine Showalter’s feminist criticism is a clearly articulated feminist literary theory. Showalter has proposed a separate and independent model of feminist literary theory by rejecting the inevitability of male models and theories and by recalling the history of women’s writing to the present.

What is feminist poetics according to Elaine Showalter?

One of the most influential essay by the American critic Elaine Showalter, “Towards a Feminist Poetics” calls for a separate and autonomous model of literary theory by rejecting the inevitability of male models and theories and recalling women’s literary tradition to the present.

What are the three phases of feminism as discussed by Elaine Showalter in her essay towards a feminist politics?

Showalter presents three important stages of women’s writing. First, the imitation of the mainstream literary tradition: second, the protest against the standards of this dominant tradition and third, self-discovery which aims at a search for identity. Showalter identifies these stages as Feminine, Feminist and Female.

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What does Showalter mean by feminist critique?

Showalter calls the first one ‘feminist reading’ or ‘feminist critique’. It is concerned to the reading of texts to understand the image of woman in literature and to work out the beliefs and stereotypes concerned to woman highlighted and publicized by literary texts.

What are the different models proposed by Showalter?

Emphasizing the difference factor, Elaine Showalter brings out four models: Biological, Linguistics, Psychoanalytic and Cultural. Each of these models differentiates and define women’s writings and texts.

What is Gynocriticism in literature?

Gynocriticism or gynocritics is the term coined in the seventies by Elaine Showalter to describe a new literary project intended to construct “a female framework for the analysis of women’s literature”.

What is Gynocriticism PDF?

Gynocriticism is the study of women’s writing. … Gynocriticism established the historical study of women writers as a legitimate field of academic inquiry and developed to encompass a broad range of methodologies of reading women’s writing.

Who has coined the term Gynocriticism?

Abstract. Gynocriticism is the study of women’s writing. The term gynocritics was coined by Elaine Showalter in 1979 to refer to a form of feminist literary criticism that is concerned with women as writers.

What does poetics mean?

Definition of poetics

1a : a treatise on poetry or aesthetics. b or less commonly poetic pō-​ˈe-​tik : poetic theory or practice also : a particular theory of poetry or sometimes other literary forms a feminist poetics. 2 : poetic feelings or utterances.

What is gynocriticism and how does it relate to feminist theory?

A concept introduced by Elaine Showalter in Towards a Feminist Poetics gynocriticism refers to a kind of criticism with woman as writer/producer of textual meaning, as against woman as reader (feminist critique).

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What is the main concern of gynocriticism?

The main concerns of gynocriticism are to identify what are taken to be the distinctively feminine subject matters in literature written by women; to uncover in literary history a female tradition, … and to show that there is a distinctive feminine mode of experience, or “subjectivity,” in thinking, valuing, and …