Is Shashi Deshpande a feminist?

hyderabad: i am not a feminist, insists shashi deshpande. “i am a human being and i write about other human beings who happen to be women,” she said. … in an interview with the times of india, she spoke about her works, issues concerning women and various other subjects.

Is Shashi Deshpande a feminist writer?

Her creativity stems from the cultural ethos of the tradition-bound Indian society. Shashi Deshpande denies being called a feminist writer. She wants to be regarded not as a woman writer but as a writer dealing with human issues which are of interest to all humanity.

What does feminism mean to Shashi Deshpande?

Feminism is an expression of resentment at the unjust treatment meted out to any woman. … The study aims to find out if Shashi Deshpande’s women really assert themselves or somewhere in their assertion process conform to endurance.

What is the predominant concern in the novels of Sashi Deshpande?

Shashi Deshpande’s novel deals with the theme of the quest for a female identity. The complexities of man-woman relationship specially in the context of marriage, the trauma of a disturbed adolescence. The Indian woman has for years been a silent sufferer.

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What is Shashi Deshpande known for?

She published her first collection of short stories in 1978, and her first novel, ‘The Dark Holds No Terror’, in 1980. She won the Sahitya Akademi Award for the novel That Long Silence in 1990 and the Padma Shri award in 2009. Her novel Shadow Play was shortlisted for The Hindu Literary Prize in 2014.

How does Shashi Deshpande novel The Binding Vine Voice feminist concerns?

Deshpande is able to construct a work in which the predicament of women is “the binding vine” between them. It is this bind that can enable solidarity which will overcome the structures that silence women. Deshpande is able to span time and generations in order to better articulate what it means to be a woman.

What is the profession of Shashi Deshpande husband?

In 1962 she marries Dhirendra H. Deshpande, a medical doctor. The couple settles in Bombay (later Mumbai), where her husband takes up work as a pathologist at G. S. Medical College.

Who is the protagonist of the novel that long silence?

In this novel, the soul protagonist is ‘Jaya’, whose complete control was taken over by her husband Mohan, after their marriage. Deshpande realistically depicts the inner conflicts of Jaya and her quest for the self or identity.

What is the theme of the novel that long silence by Shashi Deshpande?

That Long Silence (1988) was her fifth novel which was recognized with ‘Sahitya Akademi Award’ in 1990. Her works primarily deals with the problems of women in the present social context. Deshpande’s quest for identity and freedom has become dominant themes in literature.

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When and where was Shashi Deshpande born?

Shashi Deshpande portrays modern, educated and career-oriented middle-class women, roughly between the age group of 30 to 35. She has treated the typical Indian themes very sensitively and has pictured the contemporary middle-class women with rare competence.

When was Shashi Deshpande born?

Deshpande portrays a woman trying to erase a ‘long silence’ begun in childhood: ‘I had learnt it at last, no questions, no retorts, only silence. … For Deshpande, female autonomy and selfhood relate to sexuality and identity; she explores the body as a site of subjugation and social control.

Why does Saru’s mother curse her?

Saru is searching for the balance between her traditional role as daughter, wife and mother and also her new role as doctor. … She curses her own daughter. She makes every possible effort to save her brother.

What was the work of Deshpande?

Deshpande was a historical title given to a person who was appointed as accountant to a territory of land. The title dates back to medieval Deccan sultanates and Maratha Empire era. It was a title conferred on officers responsible for record keeping at Pargana level.